Leather Care Products

Keep your boots as good as old!

RM believed there is only one thing more comfortable than a new R.M.Williams boot, and that’s an old R.M.Williams boot. One that has become a trusted friend and shaped itself exactly to the eccentricities of your foot – such a boot should be treasured, maintained and preserved for years of faithful, comfortable wear. 

We offer a range of leather care products that have been specially formulated to protect, enhance and extend the lifespan of your boots. 


Leather Care Kits

Our leather care kits make on-the-go care and maintenance easy, containing all of the essential items needed for a boot tune-up. Made in Australia.


Stockman's Boot Polish

R.M.Williams stockman’s boot polish is made from high quality, alcohol-free and chemical free ingredients, designed to restore colour and shine to scuffed boots without drying them out. It’s available in a variety of colours, to match your favourite R.M.Williams leather goods. Visit our boot maintenance guide to find the right care routine for your boots. Made in Australia.

Can be used on:

Yearling leather, veal calf, kangaroo, ostrich, crocodile

Not suitable for:

Suede, nubuck, greasy/oily leathers or matte finished pull up leather


Leather Conditioner

R.M.Williams leather conditioner is a neutral-coloured product specially-formulated from natural Australian ingredients, including beeswax and lanolin. It softens, protects and conditions leather items, adding a soft sheen and water repellent qualities. Visit our boot maintenance guide to ascertain whether this is the right product for your boots.

Not suitable for:

Suede, burnished and aniline/pull up leathers with gloss finish

Saddle Dressing

R.M.Williams saddle dressing is a versatile product, formulated to nourish, condition and preserve all nature of leather products, from saddlery to your R.M.Williams boots. Its creamy paste consistency will penetrate and treat the leather without weakening the fibres or dirtying clothes. Visit our boot maintenance guide to ascertain whether this is the right product for your boots.

Not Suitable For:

Suede, burnished and aniline/pull leathers with gloss finish


Leather cleaners & protectors

Our leather cleaners are specifically formulated to help remove dirt and grime from your leather boots, shoes, and accessories.

R.M.Williams suede protector is formulated using non-abrasive ingredients and, when used regularly, it will create a durable and breathable layer to protect and provide increased water resistance on suede and nubuck from water and stains that occur with regular wear.



Our range of natural horsehair brushes are crafted to aid in the cleaning, buffing and maintenance of your boots. Black bristles are recommended for use on black leathers and natural bristles for all other colours.

Our double-sided brush is the ideal tool for maintaining your full grain leather R.M.Williams boots. Simply apply stockman’s boot polish with the smaller applicator brush, and buff away using the large buffing brush in long, even strokes.

The suede brass bristle brush is the perfect tool for maintaining your R.M.Williams suede boots. For best results, apply suede cleaner and brush as required to remove scuffs and marks.

Can be used on:

All leather and suede boots and accessories. Note: Suede brush should only be used on suede